The Adventure Begins – Cricut Unboxing

I was gifted a Cricut at Christmas as I am sure many of you were. I have wanted to try one for a long time. I like to share with fellow crafters what it is like to try something out of your comfort zone. I am very excited to take you thru my journey step by step. So lets get started.  

  1. After opening the outer box ever so carefully I discovered the Cricut Maker box complete with a handle and gently removed it. The first thing i noticed on the right hand side of the box you will see a  sampling of some of the tools you will find inside. 
  2. Now it was time to open the box and see what kind of Goodies was waiting for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of accessories. I took them out and set them in a pile to the side so I could later take inventory.
  3. Next came a “Welcome” information flyer. It has Help numbers and Email addresses that will come in handy. Once I saw that, I felt confident that Cricket had my back and i was even more excited to get started. That list will not leave my side.
  4. Following that should be a black envelope that says “Open me first”. It should have 4 cards numbered and underneath that is the Cricut Maker Welcome Book. I took both and put them on top of the earlier pile.
  5. Next up is a brown box labeled “Let”s Get started. Opening it I found another envelope marked Materials for your first project, a blade, rotary blade cap, and your warranty which I added to my pile.
  6. So now all that was left to do is carefully take the wrapping off my new Cricut and check it out. It is bigger than I thought but in a good way. From what i understand the one I received  can do everything! Can’t wait to get started.
  7. Last but not least regarding the contents of the box I am going to take inventory of all the accessories just to make sure everything is here so once i get up and running I will have everything i need. Page 8 of the welcome book has a list. After checking the list i realized I am missing the USB cable. I double checked both boxes and cannot locate it. Time for a phone call. Problem solved they are sending me overnight new USB cable.

Okay so now we go back to the Open me first envelope. They are numbered 1-4 and have instructions on the back. This will guide you as to how to set up the Cricut with your computer. Now I didn’t realize you needed a computer for the Cricut and you can use it without one but you won’t get the full benefits of Designs etc. I for one want every bit of help I can get.

The 1st card says to take your power cord and plug it in. Now im going to save you a step. After you plug it in make sure you have 10 inches of space in the front and back so your Mats can clear. Since I already did the next step and saw the tutorials this will save you some time.

Now 2nd card says “go to up. There are several with the same name. You want the one that says Cricut Maker. Once you are there just follow the step by step instructions. Take your time and all will be fine. They offer several mini tutorials . They run from 1-3 minutes but good information. The one i thought was very helpful was the USB cable instruction. That will need to be done or you will not be able to do your first little crafty project..

Card number 3 ..the one i have been waiting for. I am so anxious to see what this puppy can do. It’s  called Make a little something. Now is the time you will get to open the magic envelope which will contain all you need to make a nice little something something…It’s all so exciting! Well I for one was impressed…The intricate cuts, the speed of those cuts are unbelievable ! You could try all day with scissors and never come close to that fine a cut. I am going to take a picture of what I have done and save it. So weeks from now when I have more experience and confidence I can see how far I have come.

Card 4 Wants you to Bookmark a very good idea to have as many quick references at hands as possible.

So my first  Holiday is coming up since i got my Cricut” Valentines Day”. I am going to walk you thru how to make a easy Valentine and maybe one a little fancier and maybe a gift or two. See ya next time! 

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